Twitter vs. Blogging

There are a few different things I could talk about with twitter and blogging. I could give my opinions on which is “better,” but that would need a definition on what we mean by better. So, I am going to talk about what I think the difference between twitter and blogging is.

In my opinion, twitter is a social media website, where you can connect or share a thought to the world. It is more of a way to keep you connected to the world and quickly access information. However, your twitter page cannot be made “your own” and thus it is impossible to grasp your personality or an idea of who you are without asking (we all know that little bio doesn’t help at all).

Blogging, is more of a professional way to post your ideas, big and small. It allows you to organize your ideas in a way that resembles you and your values in life. It also allows you to search and access bulk information, rather than just quick snip-its.

These are my opinions on the differences between blogging and twitter. Please comment and share your opinions!


3 thoughts on “Twitter vs. Blogging

  1. The differences are largely owned by the user. We normally think of these platforms as tools. So we are inclined to think of them in the same way we might think of a hammer. A hammer is generally used to pound nails. While there are a few other uses, that’s by far the dominant use. Tools such as twitter or blogging have a much greater ability to personalize. They become hard to define and pinpoint. THat’s why I struggle when introducing it to the class. I have found a particular way to use it that works for me but others use it very differently. It’s both the challenging but awesome nature of these tools.

    At the same time, I enjoy grabbling with metaphors to help understand them differently. For me, twitter is more like the neighborhood community space like a bar or rink or church. People come to hang out and talk. My blog is more like my house. I own it and occasionally folks drop by to chat.

  2. For me twitter is like being at a very large noisy party and overhearing snippets of conversation, sometimes you hear something you like and sometimes you don’t care. It’s up to you to drift around the party and have the deeper conversations you’d like to have. Blogging on the other hand is like a soliloquy I talk to a supposed audience and hope they are interested enough to stay for the whole thing. I’m seeing that both have their strengths and weaknesses. For me blogging is more comfortable and I like reading and following other’s blogs better than twitter at this point but I agree with @shareski that it’s a very personal thing and they become what the user makes of them. I am finding that twitter is a wonderful way to discover new blogs I want to follow so that is for me a great way to form new connections and widen my horizons.

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