Google – The Unknown

I have recently just added a new poll, created in Google Docs, on the right hand side of my blog page. If you have not submitted your answer please do so! Your opinion is much appreciated. As soon as I have some feedback, I will write a post based on the poll.


I have used a lot of the Google products that Michael had talked about, so I am going to choose one that I am very fond of and enjoy using a lot, Google Sites.


A lot of teachers are fond of Wikispaces, yes they are fun and easy to use, but they are very restricting and sometimes frustrating when trying to create. Google sites allow you to post anything you want on your website and host it for free! I currently have a Google site, which is my teacher portfolio:


The sites are very professional and you can choose everything from the layout, to font, to colour, etc. I think that Google sites would be a great thing to use in your classroom, instead of a class wiki, mostly because they are more user friendly and more visually pleasing. Another great thing about Google sites, is you can post your information either through what I call “blog style” or html or what I call “coded” style. Thus, it fits the user that is using the site.

It’s fun, it’s easy, it’s free. What else could you ask for?


One thought on “Google – The Unknown

  1. I find Google Sites much more user friendly, and easier on the eyes rather than Wikispaces. It seems like there are more customizations on Google Sites, which allow you to personalize your site.

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