what’s in a name

I was sitting here, trying to conjure up a title for a new post, when I thought what’s so important in the title of a post that it’s necessary for us to care what the title of our post.

To me, a name/title gives definition, summary and clarity. It is the first thing someone sees on the page and decides, can this be interesting or not? It is ultimately the attention grabber of your viewers. Therefore, in my opinion, picking a title for a post, email, webpage, website, etc. Is almost like picking the name of a baby, you choose one you like but you think others will be interested in.

Why do you choose the names you do?


3 thoughts on “what’s in a name

  1. I usually go for titles that are funny or clever because I think that draws readers in. I will sometimes use song titles, a play on words, or other clever one liners that still let a person know what the post is about.

  2. I agree completely that a title is a type of hook. Usually I choose to include a picture directly below the title to ultimately draw my reader in. Although my blog is for my personal benefit I take pride knowing my insight is appreciated by others, and based on this fact I enjoy “spicing” my posts up. With this said I feel as though I owe it to my readers to give my blog a sense of personality, thus affecting its readability. At this time the titles of my post are fairly self explanatory, especially when it comes to tech tasks, just so they are easily navigated on my page. As I continue the blogging processes, and reflect of my journey I am aware that I have come a long way. The key for me is remembering that I want to invoke conversation and collaboration. I do not want to seem as though I am being pushy in my thoughts, and aiming at collaboration means that others will want to keep visiting my page in the future.

  3. I agree, titles are everything. Maybe I wouldnt compare it to naming a baby (pretty high stakes there) but its up there. Why? Because its simple–if the title is lame, people will not want to read your blog post 🙂
    I personally just go with my first gut feeling/thought. I really don’t put too much thought into my titles but I think I have a few good ones. Sometimes I like to change things up and title my posts something that has nothing to do with the blog entry. You know, to throw readers off a little and keep them guessing 🙂

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