I was once told to expand my views to outside the box. That never really got me to look outside the “box” because I am already crazy and look at all aspect possible :s. But, what it did do is make me think, why do they call it outside the box? Really, your thoughts come from your mind, and your brain is an ovular shape (thus we can classify it as more of a circle). So why do we not call it “Think outside the circle” or “Think outside the oval”


I have always thought about this and never seem to find a real answer. What are your thoughts?


4 thoughts on “Expand

  1. Hmmm that is some real philosophical thinking if you ask me!
    Here’s my 2 cents: when someone tells you “think outside of the box” I am thinking they want you to have a different perspective on something or shift your paradigm. I think the shape of a box (a square or triangle) makes more sense and is appropriate in this case because shapes like ovals or circles are never ending and with a box you can actually shift something (like your thoughts) to another area…I hope that makes some sense!

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