Windows Passwords

  1. Have you ever forgotten your windows password and even though you’re the administrator of your computer, you still cannot reset your password? It is always easiest to just remove your password and start from scratch just in case you type an error. Thus, follow the following steps and I will help you remove your windows password:



  1. Open the start menu, and locate and click on the RUN command
  2. type in the run bar: cmd
  3. You should get a small black screen that is called the command prompt
  4. type: net user
    1. This will show you all the users and their names for this computer
  5. After you know which user name you want tpe: net user username *
    1. Command prompt will then ask you to type a password for this user
    2. Just press enter
    3. Then it will ask you to enter the password again
    4. Just press enter ….. again
  6. Command prompt will say command completed successfully.

And voila! You now have no password for that user. Do you want a password for the user? Just do the following:

  1. Open the start menu and locate and click on the Control Panel command
  2. Once control panel opens, scroll down to the file called USER ACCOUNTS
  3. Open
  4. Click on the account you wish to set the password for
  5. Click Create a password

Once you are done filling out the new password, you have officially set a password for the account!

Please note that these instructions work for XP, they may vary slightly for other windows operating systems.


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