Cellular Devices

The war has been on between teachers and students using cellular devices in their classrooms for longer than I can remember. What is this battle about? Is it because teachers are worried that students are distracted and won’t be doing work? If that’s the case, maybe the teacher should revise their lesson so students aren’t so bored that they resort to using their cellular devices.

To me, especially with the advancements in smart phones, these cellular devices are and should be a learning tool. Look at the iPhone for example, there are thousands of applications in the App Store that can be used in your classroom. So why fight a losing battle, something we will never win and why not have students use these devices to LEARN. If these are their interest and passion why not make class more interesting by incorporating them or even examining them?! Not only will this create interest, but can also be a form of management as they will be occupied by other means.


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