Diversifying Learning

Are you searching for a different way to teach your students? I’ve always been one who has taught in the room, and sent assignments home. Sometimes, your student base just doesn’t work like that. For example, they may be too energetic to take notes or become distracted easily. I found this year I have one class that is really like that, and I was wondering how I could go about flipping it. The following book has given me many insights on how to work on that:


It’s $17 on amazon.ca, if you think you’re interested in flipping your class give this a read. It will help you immensely!!


Twitter vs. Blogging

There are a few different things I could talk about with twitter and blogging. I could give my opinions on which is “better,” but that would need a definition on what we mean by better. So, I am going to talk about what I think the difference between twitter and blogging is.

In my opinion, twitter is a social media website, where you can connect or share a thought to the world. It is more of a way to keep you connected to the world and quickly access information. However, your twitter page cannot be made “your own” and thus it is impossible to grasp your personality or an idea of who you are without asking (we all know that little bio doesn’t help at all).

Blogging, is more of a professional way to post your ideas, big and small. It allows you to organize your ideas in a way that resembles you and your values in life. It also allows you to search and access bulk information, rather than just quick snip-its.

These are my opinions on the differences between blogging and twitter. Please comment and share your opinions!