First Year, Hectic Year

As an upcoming first year teacher, I thought I’d make a post to help all future upcoming teachers figuring out how and when to plan.

Often we are presented with the comments, “don’t plan too far in advance because you’re going to change it all anyways.” Well l am here to tell you that this is false! If you want to be successful in your first year I suggested the following:

  1. start planning as soon as you know your classes
  2. if you can, complete all your lesson plans before you do your teacher notes, power points, etc. Remember, you are an expert in these fields so having the plan will be enough to get you ahead
  3. once you have your lesson plans done find all your handouts for each class, if you are doing sciences this is the perfect time to find labs as well
  4. put together your teacher notes, power points, etc. But, instead doing one class at a time, try doing 3/4 of a semester of each before you finish them, that way you have plans for every class and don’t have to panic to plan one day by day!
  5. my final tip, buy a bunch of sticky notes to make note of changes or adjustments you will need to make for the future (these notes will come as you start teaching)

I found these things worked for me, hopefully they help you, future first year teachers, find a planning pattern that works for you!

Good Luck!