Science Activities

Hey everyone!

Found this really good website that has a bunch of science labs, activities and science fair idea for all grade level!

science ideas



I am currently in the beautiful province of British Columbia for the last week of my 3 week vacation, and today I thought to myself, “Should you be allowed to take students on fieldtrips outside of the province?”

The reason I thought of this is tonight, I was able to witness some of the coolest things nature has to offer, but you can’t see everywhere. So, my question to you, my blog readers, should we be willing or even allowed to take students on field trips to other provinces, states, or even countries to make their learning more practical, applicable, and relatable?!

Tell me what you think!

Photographs For the Classroom


So, here is a photograph I took in BC last year with my wonderful Nikon D3100 DSLR camera. If you cannot tell, that is a Native West Coast hand carved totem pole with the forest in the background. Beside the totem, is a palm tree.

I would use this photograph in my classroom for many reasons:

1) It brings culture and diversity into the classroom and allows for an open, safe and inclusive environment.

2) It can be used as a talking piece to center a lesson around First Nations Art.

3) You can use it to talk about the environment and how First Nations view the environment and our land. Also, you can talk about the totem pole and what it represents.

What do you think?

Using Your Classroom #4


A really cool picture I found, almost looks like tie-dye. Anyways, I think this is a great piece to use when teaching primary grades about the primary colors, colors in general or even shades of colors! It can also be used in math when teaching area, comparisons and even estimation!

How would you use it?

Using Your Classroom #3


This is a really cool random photo I found, of crayons, on the internet. I think this would be really cool to use in primary grades when teaching about colors or in middle years when teaching estimation methods.

How else would you use it?

Using Your Classroom #1


Alright teachers it’s time to put our minds to the test. The most fun thing to do in the classroom is to find random things and teach students using them.

Here is a completely random picture off of the internet, I think it could be used to teach a physics class when you talk about laws of gravity or even flight.

Where do you think it can be used?